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Marty started his own mussel farm on Killary Harbour in 2000. With half a boat (shared ownership) and 6 long lines we harvested our first product in 2001. Over the last 10 years we have carefully expanded the business to become a self sufficient rope grower of mussels, adding new sites and a purpose built mussel work boat to grow operations. Having supplied fresh live mussels in bulk for export to Europe we realised that there was an opportunity to supply Marty’s mussels in Ireland straight from the farm.

Our new purification and packing facility in Renvyle allows us to prepare the mussels ready for cooking – cleaned and de-byssed with no work needed in the kitchen. This is done using local seawater in a state of the art purification system and then specialist machinery from France which de-clumps, washes and removes the beards from the mussels before weighing into 5 and 10kg bags.

Based only 2kms from Killary Harbour, this means that Marty’s mussels are handled straight from our farm with minimum delay giving some of the freshest live mussels you can buy. As we run the whole process ourselves we can control the quality harvested along with the purification and packing process tailored to suit the mussels we grow.

Our aim is to supply a great product and a great service – together making Marty’s mussels one of the best ingredients for your seafood menu.

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This project is supported by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – Europe investing in rural areas.

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