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Rope cultivation of mussels is a natural and sustainable form of aquaculture. Each year the mussels in the bay spawn and the resulting seed floats in the water until it can attach to a surface. The mussel seed is collected by Marty from May each year by hanging ropes in the water from mussel long-lines. When the seed has settled Marty then hangs the ropes down and thins out the seed down the rope to ensure that there are not too many mussels on each rope. The mussels feed on naturally occurring plankton brought into the bay by the Atlantic Ocean. After two years they are ready to harvest.


The mussels are harvested using machines which strip the mussels from the ropes. The ropes are then stored for re-use in the next cycle. Harvested mussels are then purified, scrubbed and de-bearded in Marty’s state of the art approved premises to supply a safe quality mussel ready for the pot.

Rope mussels tend to have a higher meat content and thinner shell from growing in water rather than being exposed by the daily tides. They are also grit free since they grow away from the sea floor. By supplying his fresh live mussels cleaned and de-bearded Marty’s Mussels are an ideal product for restaurants – quick to cook with no residue and sweet juicy meats. The rest of course is up to the chef!

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